alte kameraden

The series of paintings called "Alte Kameraden" is inspired by photos taken of WWI and WWII veterans. It consists of depictions of war mangled faces (in a physical as well psychological sense), who just a few years back looked perfectly normal. It is a difficult and unpleasant subject, especially in these times when we are, more than ever, attached to our good looks and try to improve them.
The sight of faces like those in the paintings is shocking and repulsive, but it has to be realized that these where a common sight in post war times. Many people had been disfigured and it happened not so long ago.
Looking at these photographs I ask myself a question, what would happen if I had been thusly disfigured? How does a modern person feel, literally losing ones face? It is the part with which we identify the most. Does it really constitute our humanity?


I don’t strive for photographical likeliness in my paintings in order to give the deformities a suggestive and expressive look. My purpose is to intrigue the viewer not to create a feeling of disgust.
The passage of time plays a role in the paintings. It is not quite clear weather the injuries have happened in the past or are taking place at this moment. The wounds seem quite raw and alive, bringing to mind explosions, something that is happening here and now. I want to show that the people to whom this happened are reliving the moment even now. For them the moment is still alive. The wound will never heal.


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_1.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_1_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_2.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_2_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_3.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_3_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_4.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_4_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_5.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_5_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_6.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_6_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_7.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_7_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_8.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_8_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting alte_kameraden_9.jpg
painting alte_kameraden_9_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2015
painting alte-kameradenduzy.jpg
painting alte-kameradenduzy_c.jpg

alte kameraden

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