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elements of surroundings

A pictorially shown figure in correspondence with a simple graphic background creates a powerful contrast. The man becomes blurred in a harsh, hostile surrounding. The whole resembles a badly made printout or a worn out poster. The contrast between the figure and background brings to mind the alienation of man in the modern, digitalized world.

acrylic on canvas / 100x150 / 2012
painting elements_of_surroundings.jpg
painting elements_of_surroundings_c.jpg

erwin rommel

Portrait of a German field marshal from World War II is at the same time a question about good and evil in human nature. Shown on his uniform and shirt are quotes from Erwin Rommel concerning politics, military matters and the Fuhrer. They relate an affection for a murderous regime and at the same time a feeling of loyalty towards ones own subordinate soldiers. The barely visible, pink fragments of letters to his wife show a completely different side of the General - a loving husband and father. The blots around his head suggest suicide, which Rommel committed in order to save his families lives.

acrylic on canvas / 100x150 / 2012
painting erwin_rommel.jpg
painting erwin_rommel_c.jpg

siergiej sznurow

Portrait of a Russian musician, and at the same time a play with different schemes. The subjects presentation as a pop culture icon is a reference to orthodox - Christian icons and Russian culture.

acrylic on canvas / 100x140 / 2012
painting siergiej_sznurow.jpg
painting siergiej_sznurow_c.jpg


acrylic on canvas / 120x70 / 2011
painting pollock.jpg
painting pollock_c.jpg

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