Loud, cheeky and and ‘in your face’ irritating - these are the ‘Wells’ paintings. Just lkie the modern trend of taking countless selfies everywhere and putting them online, to advertise how well we are doing.
I was fascinated by this phenomenon, so I decided to borrow selfie-like stylistic and use in my largesized paintings in completly different way and context. I personally witnessed people taking literally 30 selfies at once and then picking for hours the one, which in their opinion, was perfect. In the online world we strive to show only the good side of orselves and this photos we take, are the
best proof of that trend.
In ’Wells’ series I decided to reverse this situation and create portraits of the ‘ugly side’. Using fisheye camera deformation I show people in different emotional and physical states from confusion and anger to being high. These are not the selfies we would like to share. On the other hand, my point was to show that even in such undesirable states and emotions we remain human. These situations are also a part of life, creating a full, lively image of modern times and shouldn’t be denied.Furthermore, to my mind, every man is in a way like a well, in which we are looking, trying to get to know each other and our nature.

01: A trip to self

akryl na płótnie / 180x180 cm / 2017
painting wells1.jpg
painting wells1_c.jpg

02: Fuck indeed, my good sir...

akryl na płótnie / 150x150 cm / 2017
painting wells2.jpg
painting wells2_c.jpg

03: Hi baby!

akryl na płótnie / 150x150 cm / 2017
painting wells3.jpg
painting wells3_c.jpg

04: Gimme some water mate!

akryl na płótnie / 150x150 cm / 2017
painting wells4.jpg
painting wells4_c.jpg

05: No signal

akryl na płótnie / 150x150 cm / 2017
painting wells5.jpg
painting wells5_c.jpg

06: Welcome!

akryl na płótnie / 150x150 cm / 2017
painting wells6.jpg
painting wells6_c.jpg


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