A series of paintings inspired by primitive rituals, perceived as key moments in one’s life. In modern times, when we are more and more frequently denied an opportunity to celebrate them, we stop noticing them. This was different in earlier cultures when these occasions were accompanied with all sorts of rituals.

an ordinary passion

Emotions on the border of pain and euphoria. The painting shows the loneliness of a suffering man, who at the same time savors his state. In dealing with his problems, man always feels lonely and foremost. We feel a surge of divine energy and although we feel pain, we at the same moment don't want to let go of it.

acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting an_ordinary_passion.jpg
painting an_ordinary_passion_c.jpg


The message here is simple, in life You are born again and again, through conquering your fears and boundaries. As for the first time, it is painful later on, but it brings great satisfaction.

acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting birth.jpg
painting birth_c.jpg

the first blood

The showing of a key moment in life. Awakening form a lethargic sleep or feeling a sensation for the first time. Sometimes the sensation is equally powerful as a blow to the head. The color red. Blood symbolizes initiation.

acrylic on canvas / 100x130 / 2012
painting the_first_blood.jpg
painting the_first_blood_c.jpg


A painting was inspired by rituals and beliefs of the polish country folk. The belief is that death comes under the guise of an old woman in a white head scarf, who stands behind the dying, covering their eyes. In the modern world, death an old age are taboo subjects, pushed away from discussion. The paintings reminds that this was not always so, and that these subjects are deeply rooted in common awareness.

acrylic on canvas / 120x60 / 2012
painting death.jpg
painting death_c.jpg


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