the color blue

gentlemen's club

The painting contains a fragment of Goethe's "Faust", in which the hero meets Margaret for the first time. He proposes to walk her home. This time the girls refuses this time, but in the context of the drama as a whole, we know how this seemingly innocent flirt will end. The man shown on the painting has a mephisto-like look of an evil spirit on a nocturnal hunt. A bored and thrill seeking yuppie, on his way to a gentleman's club.

acrylic on canvas / 100x120 / 2012
painting gentelmans_club.jpg
painting gentelmans_club_c.jpg


This painting contains a fragment of Francois Villons poem "Bouche de fraise" in its german translation ("Ich bin so wild nach deinem Erdbeermund"), because in this version it is, in my opinion, particularly expressive. As a whole the works is almost brutal in character.

acrylic on canvas / 120x100 / 2012
painting lust.jpg
painting lust_c.jpg

the color blue

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